Middle Ground Boulevard/City Center Boulevard

Middle Ground Boulevard/City Center Boulevard

The long-awaited and highly-anticipated extension of Middle Ground Boulevard is scheduled for completion in February 2015. With the completion of this eastwest traffic corridor between Warwick Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue, at last there will be much easier connectivity to the Greater Oyster Point area and to City Center at Oyster Point, the acknowledged central business district for the entire Virginia Peninsula.

The roadway is named City Center Boulevard, and runs from Warwick Boulevard to Rock Landing Drive. City Council took action in November to re-name the original Middle Ground Boulevard portion of the roadway (from Jefferson Avenue to Rock Landing Drive) City Center Boulevard, a move which emanated from local business owners and community leaders and which received strong support from them.

The combined segments of this major thoroughfare run through the center of the City and connect the City Center area more closely with the Warwick Boulevard corridor, its fronting businesses and surrounding residential communities, as well as Christopher Newport University.

A public informational meeting was held in October to brief area business and property owners on the programmed activities related to the street name change (which does not affect building address numbers, only the street name), including efforts to minimize impacts to business operations:

  • Posting of special signage at each street that intersects with City Center Boulevard, clearly identifying the new name
  • Coordination with the U.S. Postal Service to deliver mail at the former address name of Middle Ground Boulevard for a period of 12 months beyond the effective date of the name change
  • Dual indication of street names by means of ongoing street signage for a period of 12 months. Middle Ground Boulevard, as it originally appeared on street signs, is identified with a special placard as “Formerly” during the transition period
  • Collaboration with electronic and on-line mapping programs and GPS providers
  • Creation of a Consumables Transition Grant (CTG) Program by the EDA to assist businesses and organizations that have been impacted by the renaming. The maximum $500 reimbursable grant may be used for business consumables, marketing materials, and directional and business location-related identifiers that previously made reference to the business or organization’s former Middle Ground Boulevard or Spring Road address.